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Just found a really nice existing application on the iPad that gives interactive textbooks. You are able to click on parts in the images for more detail, watch short movies,… It even makes it possible to collaborate with friends. For example you can put a note with a question about a certain part in the text and your friends will be able to see that note and answer it… The video on is definitely worth watching!

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    1. Well since I don’t have an iPad (yet) I’m not able to really test the application, but on the website they mention this:

      “Got a friend you trust? Want to see what the professor thinks? Follow their note streams and see their comments right alongside your own, right in the text. Social network, meet learning network.”

      So perhaps it’s a little bit like twitter and you can choose which note streams you want to follow…

  1. College students can already experience interactive textbooks on the computer of their choice with DynamicBooks. Instructors can edit their favorite textbooks instantly (add/delete text, add video/audio, add equations, etc.) and then students can view and manipulate the book (take and share notes with students, search, highlight) on the computer of their choice or online. They can also view it on their iPhone or iPad and print up to 10 pages at a time. Now students can interact with a textbook on their terms…digital…and the textbook will be more relevant to the class. Cost? About 1/2 the cost of a traditional book.
    Karen Lippe for DynamicBooks

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