Presentation I: Before holidays

Here is the presentation I gave thursday 16 December:

Feedback I received:

  • More pictures of examples on Facebook where the persons with a mental disability have problems with: For example the top navigation bar: Home – Profile – Account => Really sober
  • Contact the Facebook accessibility team
  • Free more time for the last evaluation of the implemented part I application
  • Number the slides

Other presentations:

  • One of the most interesting presentations in my opinion was the one about Augmented Reality by Niels Buekers. I really think this is an interesting topic and has something futuristic. If this would actually come out in real life I would were glasses even though I don’t need them! The only remark I have on the presentation was that it would have been nice to see some pictures but I understand this is harder then for other topics.
  • The presentation of Michaël Vanderheeren was also very nice. It was really structured and the goals were clear and came from logical conclusions.

Of course the other topics were also interesting, but personally for me the two above really sticked. One because of the topic and the other just because of the great work already done. This proofs how useful those presentations were. The blogs gave some explanation but it was all a bit vague. Thanks to the presentation we all have a better idea now on were the other students stand, feedback on your work,…

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